Isfahan city

The city of Isfahan is located in the central part of Isfahan province on the plains that are situated alongside Zayandehrood. Isfahan province itself is located in a rather mountainous region in the center of the Iranian plateau spanning from the snow-capped zagross mountains in the west to the central desert in east and north. There are many climatic variations in the province due to varying altitudes. Generally, with the declining altitude from west to east, the temperature rises while precipitation declines. A breeze flows across Isfahan throughout the four seasons. Particularly the westerly and southwesterly winds of spring and autumn coming along the river Zayandehrood lend a certain delicacy to the city's climate.Isfahan is a city of regular seasonal changes. Spring begins in late March with blossoming trees, summer begins in late June, autumn starts in late September with falling leaves and a cold winter begins in late December. Of all these seasons and months, Isfahan is in its most glorious state in May when a breeze comes from heaven to a colorful city of fresh favorable climate and fascinating light. Isfahan is a city full of sunlight. It is sunny in almost three fourth of the year. With its age-old history and numerous ancient monuments Isfahan is one of the exemplary cities of the world. According to French author, Andre Malraux, only Florence and Peking can be compared to Isfahan.The historical monuments of Isfahan comprise a collection of the finest examples of various styles of Persian architecture within a thousand years and more. The quality and quantity of these works of art are great works and masterpieces of the Persian post-Islamic architecture .Among the historical monuments of Isfahan, one can see various types of Domes, Tile work, Plaster work, Fresco and Calligraphy at their best. Works that reveal the religious faith of their creators and fascinate the viewer so overwhelmingly that he or she is pulled into their times and feels himself or herself in a world of light, delicacy and agility.

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